We love entrepreneurs.

You’ve got the best idea in the universe, and the skills to produce remarkable services or products. But -- what do you know about running a company? What financial information will you need? What legal requirements will you need to meet? What should your strategic goals for your first year be?

We will get your business launched on the right foot, wrapping all the fundamentals you need in one package. We appreciate that resources are tight at this stage of your enterprise, so we’ve carefully constructed Your Business Guide offerings that deliver exceptional value at low cost.

Your Business Guide Launch Package

Our launch package includes the following:

  • Strategy Review - We hold a high-level discussion with you on your initial business strategy and developing revenue and profit targets.
  • Legal Review - We determine the best legal structure for your business and register your business with the state in which you live.
  • Tax Review - We review your tax obligations and reporting requirements.
  • Business Risks - We evaluate the business risks, make recommendations on liability insurance and help secure a policy, if necessary.
  • Contracts Review - We review your key contracts with vendors, customers, and/or partners to evaluate business risks and exposures. 
Namrata makes it so easy! She provided us with a comprehensive launch kit, with solid financial, legal and business strategy — and then she pointed out when we reached our 1st year goals in only 6 months! Her wise guidance paid off.
— Jo Cooper, Creative Director, Jo Cooper Studio


Ongoing Financial Support

For a low monthly fee, we offer the following:

  • Virtual Bookkeeping Services
  • Compilation of Monthly Financial Statements
  • Estimation of Quarterly Taxes Due
  • Annual Schedule C Tax Preparation
  • Distribution of W-2s and 1099s
Namrata Maguire, LLC has been a fantastic addition to my team. The company’s virtual bookkeeping services gets the job done providing the information I need to run and grow my business.
— Holly Dale Shapiro, Founder & CEO, Go Go Golosh


Business Planning & Strategy

We work closely with you to develop a strategy and business plan that will attract the types of stakeholders you would like to have. We are conscientious of costs and therefore utilize as much material as you already have or is publicly available on the internet. Much of the information resides in you, so we pull what we need by asking the right questions. The final business plan product includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Description of Company and Mission Statement
  • Description of Products and/or Services
  • Description of Target Market
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Product/Service Delivery Strategy
  • Financing Strategy
  • Outline of Organizational Structure and Resources
  • Financial Projections for 3-5 years including Investments Required

The time and effort required to develop a comprehensive business plan document varies with each enterprise therefore pricing is developed after a brief interview with you.

I hired Namrata Maguire, LLC for two of my clients for business planning services.  Their expertise in strategy combined with technical skills in accounting and finance are a winning combination for any business owner and greatly helped my clients to achieve their goals.
— John Favreau, Visionary Strategic Business Leader, Little Lake Partners